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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New flooring

Yesterday was the start of the new ceramic flooring being laid.  Poor man worked all day in heat, had to leave door open because of the dust created sawing the cement board used to level floors. He finally gets his work done late yesterday afternoon, and is ready to leave. 

Stupid me, we have had the upstairs blocked off with baby gate so Belle (dog) wouldn't go downstairs and walk on flooring.  Well, I wanted to say goodbye and peek from stairs at new floor, opened gate and dang dog almost knocked me over to get down there.  I screamed at her and so did floor man, she pounded her 80lbs down and onto the new floor.  Lucky he only had to replace 1 tile, she managed to squish it down and made it uneven.  So he fixed that and I shoved her in her bedroom for a few hours. So mad at her

Today, they are adding the grout to the floor and tomorrow we are good to go for walking on it again.  Looks great.  Friday the carpet gets laid, then back to normal by next week.

Repair man is coming tonight with a new carriage for my Tin Lizzie, with hopes this is the end of my problems.

I had a good compliment yesterday from the customer with the small lap quilt.  She belongs to a group, which I'm joining tonight "Barn Chicks".  The Chicks had a contest amongst themselves and displayed at Loose Threads their finished quilts.  Anyway, the owner of quilt shop and a few others asked her who did her quilting, as they thought it was beautiful.  Always like to hear the opinion of other quilters regarding my stitching. 

I am still new to this and need reassuring that people like my work.  Each day I gain more and more confidence.  Even though I hear all the time that my work is beautiful, I still need to hear it from other quilters.

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