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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Family Reunion

Yesterday we had a family reunion with my side of family.  Haven't seen some of these people since my mom passed away 5 years ago,

Great food, great fun and family  I wont bore you with all 80 photos, but here is one of my immediate family.  One of my grand daughters is getting so tall, I was standing behind her and only the top of my head is showing.

Tomorrow is the final day of carpet install.  They will be arriving at 8 am and will be doing MY SEWING ROOM.  I am so nervous about having to move all of what is there including my big long arm.  But they did such a good job of moving furniture and installing upstairs carpet, I'm sure everything will be fine.  Can't wait until it's all done so I can get back to quilting.

I have client coming Wed. morning with a stack of Tshirts, she wants me to make her a quilt from these. Should be fun.

This morning met my cousin, wife, daughter, my brother and wife for breakfast.  They had to travel to the reunion and stayed in motel overnight.  After breakfast cousin, wife and daughter came to my house to see my quilts.  Of course I have no problem in showing off my quilts.  After all the oohs and aaahs, we had more chatting to do, and then they left for home.

I'm pooped.  Between the changes to my house and getting ready for the family reunion, I'm ready for a long rest.  Not going to happen for long, have to get ready for tomorrow morning

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