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Monday, August 23, 2010

Frustration plus

I've found the time to start quilting the awesome quilt I previously told you about.

Frustration comes with a new tension problem with my Tin Lizzie.  Just when I get one thing working just right, something else goes wrong.  At first I thought it was just me, but I spoke to another long arm quilter, and she is an expert. She has 2 different long arms, none of which are a Tin Lizzie.

Her advise was to keep at it.  It took her, and most other long arm quilters, 3 years to work out all the bugs from tension and imperfect stitches. 

The strange thing about my long arm, it will work beautifully for 2 or 3 quilts, no problems and perfect stitches.  Then boom out of nowhere it decides to give me imperfect stitches and a huge headache.

The quilt I am doing is so special, and I am doing a custom stitching to bring out the beauty of it.  Which means, when I start to remove stitches, I have an enormous job ahead, with all the extra detail stitches used in customizing.

Do I sound like I am belly aching?  Well you are right. Time to vent a little, so I can get it off my chest and go to bed.

So far the venting hasn't helped and I am still too keyed up to sleep.

Enough of this.   If anyone is interested in checking out the new quilt guild, there is a website you can look at:  I am already looking forward to the next meeting.

If you have trouble finding their website, you can find it on My Blog List.

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