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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pansies and Stars

Its finished. Remember when I showed you a peek of a quilt I was working on from material given to me and scrapes I had.

Well here it is:   this quilt measures 68 x 88 and will given as a gift to a special couple.

Simple meandering other than the stars, they are done with a free hand star.  Stars are appliqued and I used a really interesting double thread zig zag applique stitch.  Last December I purchased a new Singer sewing machine, and has many different design applique stitches.  Really liked the double thread stitch.  It really defines the stitch to the applique.

I have a few more projects that I will be pushing this week.  Why the rush? 

Starting next week we are having the entire house re carpeted, and laying laminate wood flooring in the kitchen and dining room.  Now the important part, my sewing room will be re carpeted, and a ceramic flooring laid in entry way.  So, before this happens, I want to finish more quilt projects as my machine will be put away while room is finished.  This is no easy process.  The machine weighs approx 50 lbs and will have to be taken off the long 10 ft table.  There is no place to move the table to, so installers will have to move from one end of room to the other when laying the carpet.  This is making me very nervous.  Hate having to mess around with my machine and table, but if I want the new carpet, it has to be done.

BFF Nettie, requested I finish a quilt for her before this happens.  She too is nervous about the whole process.  She knows how touchy this machine is, and fears another trip to repair.  God I Hope Not.

Just for fun, I will take before and after pictures of the house make over.

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