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Sunday, August 4, 2013

July Birthday Blocks

August 4th today - really???

Surgery was on Monday and everything went well. but ouch ouch ouch.

Today is the first day Ive had without severe pain.

Thanks to my daughter Stacy, I'm now connected again, she brought me my lap top.  She also brought my great grandson Tavyn with her  Which also made my day.  Love being able to see my babies, whenever I get a chance.

I wont be home for a while I don't think but at least I can now keep in touch.

I have, so far reconnected with my Connected Threadz friends = facebook, emails and balanced the checkbook.

No way could I have done any of this until today, but what a difference a day makes.

OK so here are the July birthday blocks.

Gael Purchase - Australia  Blocks are made up from scraps

Michelle Johnston - TX
The one on left is made up and Now I cant remember the name of the other one.  Will have to look it up when I get home.


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