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Thursday, August 18, 2011

College TShirt Quilt

My friend from Ft Wayne, sent me 2 tshirt quilts to do.  One she taught a friend to make her own tshirt quilt and this is the results:

Kelli did an excellent job teaching her.  Quilt was perfectly square.  I used the long wiggle lines to quilt it.


Lets hope she continues to make many more beautiful quilts and sends them to ME.

Finished this late morning and was going to load the other tshirt quilt from Kelli, when I discovered a long pucker tuck on the backside.  Had to rip out 8 lines from middle of quilt to end, press and re quilt.  This almost took longer to do than the entire quilting.  Never ever had this happen to me, where backing puckered and tuck, but I have heard of other quilters that this has happened to.  Not fun, but necessary to fix.  Cant send out a sloppy quilt, no matter how long it takes to fix.

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