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Monday, April 4, 2011

Vegetable Soup

Where do they come up with these pattern names?


I am curious how do they come up with the names for patterns.  As I am now designing my own I find it difficult to come with a name for each.  Sometimes the way the pattern turns out just makes it easy.  Then you have one like "Lightning Strikes" where I just didn't know what to call it.  I thought of Mouse Trap, Mouse Maze, A Maze, Corn Maze, Licorice Sticks, Aztec, Hidden Path, and the list goes on. Finally decided on LS because it reminds me of lightning strikes that looks as if they might hit a building.

This pattern is Vegetable Soup.  Does it look like soup, don't think so. Whatever it is called it is sure pretty.  Customer (friend) Cheryl purchased the pattern some time ago and was going to use all scraps, but instead decided to go with just these few colors. I like it very much.  She requested I do a small meandering and then she picked the flower design for the solid color blocks and she wanted the threading to be a gold or yellow.  Good choice Cheryl.  I have to compliment her on her sewing, she did a great. Usually when there are patch seams meeting you will get a bulk seam that just wants to pucker up.  Not hers, they were so well sewn they laid right down.

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