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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Its Been Awhile Hasnt It

I cant believe I'm so far behind in writing a new post.  No excuses other than just not getting around to it.

Couldn't remember what I had even posted in the past had to review old posts just so I don't repeat myself.

If I do please forgive me .    In addition to not keeping up for past week and still going strong been fighting a cold including unable to speak.

Hate the feeling of not being able to do anything.  I honestly, I mean anything.

Watched so much Netflix and TV, which to me is a total waste of good time.  But when you are confined to either sleeping or sitting in a recliner that's about all I could do.

I did manage to quilt one tiny wall hanging for a customer and that wiped me out for another day.

So now to get caught up on this blog -  since MSQC retreat I did finish the binding tool Star quilt which you have seen.

In addition with some of the left over cut pieces I made my son Toby a wall hanging for his birthday - coming up July 21st but I couldn't wait to give it to him.    Toby is opening his own tattoo shop here in Edgerton and my hopes are he will be able to hang it there.  If not, its OK if he hangs it in his home.

With the help of his wife Sarah, We copied some of his drawings that were hanging in his house.  I photo, Iron transferred to fabric and from there I incorporated into the wall hanging


My plan was to make the wall hanging using colors that he has used in his store front window

Neat Huh

Before getting so sick, there were customer quilts that did get completed:

This was for a gentleman who had lost his wife and this top was one of hers that had not been quilted.  To make it special I did some customizing on it.  From what she tells me he loved the way it turned out.

Mission accomplished!

Not sure if you remember or not but a couple of years ago (really that long ago)  I went on vacation with my bff and her cousins to the Mississippi -  while we were there one of the cousins spent hours and I do mean hours looking and buying fabrics -  she does not sew a stitch - but asked to have a quilt made.

The top has been done for almost a year if not more and at long last I loaded it and quilted it.

Finally I did get it quilted and we met for breakfast and gave it to her.  She was thrilled with the results

tried a new stitching in the borders,  I like it and will use this again

Now that's not all ........      Here is a beauty I custom quilted for Marge Pulcine -  love love love this

  Small Baby quilt for Karyn Patrick

Lastly small wall hanging for Sue Haskins which is the one I did while still sick

There!  I think Im all caught up  - I think!!!  Sorry it took so long to keep you updated and hopefully I will kick this cold and feel up to doing more.  Because.....  I have completed  a "top" waiting to be quilted for a customer  

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