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Friday, December 6, 2013

Plenty Going On Here

I have to almost laugh at myself and I have so many projects going on this time of year.

Yesterday a friend of mine (Linda) came over with some florals and a sleigh she wanted decorated.

Pretty huh?? She has to pick up some more small greens to fill in the sides but for now I would steal from her wouldn't you.

Here is a baby quilt I just quilted for her - she dropped it off the other day but had to bring me the backing and batting.  I got up early this morning and quilted it for her.

After quilting I decided to make yet another wreath

Still have a bed runner to quilt for Linda and another customer quilt to be quilted by end of this week.

In addition to all of my own little projects I'm working on  for Christmas.

Like I said plenty going on here.  I never have a dull moment lately.  And that is Just Fine With Me.

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