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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Award Winning Quilt!!!

No it hasnt won an award at a quilt show.  However, I think it should be entered in one.

Customer brought me this fantastic quilt top and requested edge to edge - meandering was chosen.

I was so nervous just thinking about the task in front of me.  Once the needle hit the fabric I relaxed a little.

Across the top and to the edge, back again and to the other edge. Phew first 2 rows done and oh yes its going to be fine.  Amazing what you can quilt.

Dont throw away those award ribbons - see what you can do!!!!!!!!!!


Kay Lynne said...

Very nice quilting! It's snowing here in Ohio today--a good day to quilt!

Rose Marie said...

Oh, this is so clever! Talk about a memory quilt!