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Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter and Sewing

Just so we don't get ahead of ourselves thinking 40degree plus weather does not mean spring is here, it only means mother nature is fooling with us again.

This is early morning in beautiful Newville Wisconsin

Its beautiful isn't it, just the reminder its not over yet.

After looking at all the winter wonderland, headed for the sewing room and managed to get a few more blocks made of "Mosaic".

While working on the new pattern blocks, I kept thinking about all the scraps in my scrap drawer and decided to start sewing pieces together for more bags.  I have so many scraps and strips and squares and ends of 3piece strips couldn't resist just digging in and sewing.

All the pieces are cut and ready for assembly of another scrappy bag.  Also digging through my stash cupboard and finding more fabrics that might become bags.

I'm thinking anyone of these combinations will make some beautiful bags

Retook picture of the purple/lavender bag and sent on to friend Barb to see if she is interested in any of these fabrics or this bag.

Here yet another scrappy that will be put together soon.

 I really like the way Scrappy Bags look and better yet it gets rid of many pieces and scraps piling up in my drawer.  There are enough scraps to make 20 or more bags, why go out and buy fabrics when I can make beautiful bags with what I have.  But don't be surprised if I still buy fabrics that I just cant resist when going through fabric and quilt shops.

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