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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Vicki's Indian Design

This is a pattern I truly would love to have:

I turned it in different directions for the photo to show you the different look you get by turning.  Using the "Landscape" "Water" stitching gives it (to me) that southwestern look.

Vicki went on her own F.A.R.T. while vacationing in AZ.  Love the fabrics and colors.   This is just one of 3 she has brought to me to be quilted.

Finished early this morning and time to load another.

Company is coming this afternoon.  I get to meet one of my CT thriendz (not misspelled a new term we have come up with for friends of CT) Julie is coming over to see my setup and show me one of her quilts she will be quilting.  We talk on the CT social network all the time and now we get to meet in person.

So looking forward to seeing her.  I'm pretty sure we have met at a quilt show, but this is the first time we get to meet as Thriendz.

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