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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Totally Modern Quilt

What a good feeling being able to leave the house without being blasted by subzero temps. 

A friend of mine and I took a ride to a ceramic shop today.  Like I need another hobby right?

We were given a grand tour of a very old building and stocked from top to bottom with green ware.

Its been years since I have done any ceramics or porcelains, but looking at all that was available we were very much impressed.

A person (like me) needs to keep coming up with new, or old revisited crafts.  Keeps the brain from going stale.

In the meantime, my first and main love and priority is my quilting.

After shopping and lunch returned home loaded a customer quilt and finished this really modern looking quilt.

I used a new panto called Chevron, and it think it fits this quilt perfectly.

Really really like the way this looks - materials are so attractive and as usual Teri did an awesome job piecing this one.

The next quilt is similar but yet different in placement, and I think Chevron should be used again.

Sometime tomorrow -  Gus will be here, and I will fit in a little quilting while he is napping,...... I think.

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