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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More From OZ

Whoo hoo mailman brought me my order of the Australian Fabrics.  First thing last night  I color matched the fabrics for the blocks.   Now for the cutting and assembly.  Managed to cut and assemble 12 blocks, only 20 more and all blocks will be assembled.

Told myself I'm not going to lay out the blocks until I have them all ready.  Well that didn't last long.  Couldn't resists putting some on the design board.

Now you know this isn't going to be the final placement. I will probably spend as much time arranging and rearranging these blocks before I start sewing the rows together.  I enjoy looking at these blocks.

Worked a little on Mosaic this morning, but couldn't keep my mind on it, had to stop and start with Athena's Puzzle again

In addition to making 2 quilts at once, I made another bag yesterday.

Cut the pattern down a little and made this smaller version, which I think is pretty cute.

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