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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another Thriendz Connection

What can I say this is the year for thriendz meeting up all over the country

Yesterday Julie, Sharon and I met up with Charyl from Spokane in Cedarburg.  

Charyl and her husband are visiting his aunt here in Wisconsin and what an great opportunity for us to meet up again, before our Houston trip.

Just so you know these are my bunk, room mates when I go to Houston again this year.

After what seemed like a never ending trip going around and around a roundabout, (gps guided) hahahaha. We were lost, well almost lost.  Do you know there is a new invention called the Cell phone that when you call someone you can actually speak to a person.  After much texting as to where we were and where we had to be the light bulb went on and I called for directions. We picked Charyl up from aunts house and headed for Cedarburg to do some sight seeing shopping and then off to the quilt museum and a quilt shop.

The day went by so quickly but I enjoyed every bit of it.

Sadly we had to drop Charyl off , back at the aunts house

Before heading home, Sharon gave me some goodies to use for dyeing.

Exhausted as I was I couldn't wait to cook up some berries (already forgotten the name of these but I will find out).  The color is amazing and of course I had to get a  scarf wrapped this morning and start cooking it up.

Again patience is the word here, looking forward to the reveal but this is going to sit all day.

And....... I'm headed to the sewing room. 3 customer quilts to get done asap before my next adventure out of town this coming weekend.

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