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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Belle's First Vacation

Went to our favorite place, Langlade WI, where we rent a beautiful cabin for a few days with friends.

This year, on the spur of the moment we decided to take our dog with us, as opposed to leaving her home with our granddaughter Brittany. 

So glad we did, she traveled well, sitting upright all the way in the backseat of our truck. Poor thing, has never been farther than Rio to here, which takes a little over an hour,  and we decide to take her on a 4 hour trip.  At least it is usually a 4 hour trip, actually took 7 hours this time. 2 doggy potty stops, a lunch stop, a people potty stop, grocery store and meat market and oh I forgot, winds that were so strong they blew dirt from fields across the road so strong that you couldn't see the road.  Normal mph average 65-70, but because we were hauling Wayne's fishing boat behind, he didn't dare go more than 50-55 or chance the boat lifting and turning over on the road.  Never the less we finally made it to the cabin Wednesday night around 6pm.

Thanks Donna (sister in law)  check out her blog she made dinner  for all of us and brought it to the cabin.  Thank goodness, because if it was up to me we would have had cold sandwiches.

We have been going to this particular cabin for past 3 years and we love it there.
#1 only 5 minutes away from brother Bill and his wife Donna.
#2 It is so secluded, way way way off the road and into the woods.  Nobody can see you.
#3 Beautiful surroundings.

Thursday morning Wayne and Bill went fishing, which is always the plan for him, and Donna came to the cabin and we played doing photo iron transfers.  Did much talking and catching up.

Thursday afternoon, or best friends came to join us and spend the rest of weekend with us.  Friday the guys go fishing and Nettie and I stay behind and just spend time alone with each other.  Then the 6 of us have dinner at the cabin.

Saturday the 4 of us and Belle, went to the casino in Carter and I was a winner.  Not a big winner, but a winner.  Back to cabin and a nap, and then an evening meal with the 6 of us and oh yes Belle.

I have never seen such a good dog.  So calm and relaxed the entire time.  We are surrounded by woods, with all sorts of animals including bear and most often right by the cabin raccoon.  I thought I would be spending the entire 4 days yelling for her to come back and stay with us.  She never went any farther than the edge of the woods and withing a few yards of where we were.  Most of the time she sat or laid on the grass near us looking into the woods.  She completely enjoyed herself, and now that we know how good she is away from home, we will be taking her with us more often.

I didn't do the usual people pictures this year, just Belle and all the beautiful foliage, trees, rocks along the road to cabin.

The Great White Trillium were blooming and I found out that when they turn from white to pink they are almost done blooming.   Some photos were of the pink and then the white, thought 2 different varieties giving the color, but my brother informed me of the change from white to pink.

wild violets

 Honestly I DID take pictures of both white and pink Trillium, but as usual my camera didn't get the pink color to come through.  Sorry, I even looked at the photo on my digital and it looked pink but now when I download fades to white.

It was a wonderful 3 relaxing days.  Only talked about quilting Saturday night.  The rest was all about family and friends.  Well maybe Donna and I did a little talking about quilting on Thursday morning.  But that is to be expected. 


Julie Fukuda said...

Oh what a beautiful place to enjoy such a lovely weekend with family and friends. My big dog would have loved the trip too. In Japan it is hard to find places that allow pets of any kind.

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Julie it is beautiful and so private. Love going there. It is so far away from home, we only go once or twice a year but worth the long drive.

Tonya said...

Oh, you bring bad bittersweet memories. Our beloved departed "Dawg" loved outings. But one time we went to Texas (we live in MO) in an ice storm and he had to share the pickup seat with us. He was a HUGE 125lb dog...and insisted he get the middle seat. I was squished against the door with his back side in my face the whole day.
I miss him so much. sigh.

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Oh Tonya I know how you feel. We have had many gooooooood dogs in the past and before Belle came to us we had a Shitsu, poodle mix for 14 years and had to put her down. I cried so hard and said never never again will I have another dog. It hurts too much, and then came Belle, and I am so glad we have her now.