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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Number 3 The Beginning

Now that the black/white is finished it was time to start number 3.  These are the fabrics to work with.

I have laid them out and shuffled and reshuffled to decide which pattern to use.  Went through 4 of my pattern books.  Still undecided.  Went through My own patterns.

Finally made a decision, still uncertain as to how it will look.

Fabric strips are cut

Now to decide which fabric gets sewn to which fabric.

Pattern chosen,  Summer Breeze, next test the color combinations and placements.

Here is the first block of many

This is going to be one awesome quilt.

When I first saw the fabrics I liked all of them, but not side by side.  They didn't seem to work together, until I put the first block together.  Now I love them.

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