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Monday, January 10, 2011

The New Design

Had a great weekend. Saturday, worked on my new quilt for awhile.  Took Wayne to lunch then went to visit with friends. Came home in time to watch the Saturday playoff football games.

Met same friends for breakfast buffet, on Sunday, then went with daughter Stacy, granddaughter Brittany, and great grandson Tavyn, more shopping (for them not me) and lunch at Pizza Hut.  I was too full from breakfast to eat lunch, but did have one tiny piece of pizza.   When she first asked me to go along on little shopping trip and lunch she said we would just go to McDonald's so Tavyn could play. Now I can pass by eating at McDonald's for breakfast and did.  Then she informed me we were doing the Pizza Hut thing instead. Dang it, I love pizza and would have skipped breakfast for that. Oh well, just enjoyed being with them, food wasn't the important part of the day.

Back home in time to watch football.  Packers Won. Whoo Hooo. But I almost had a nervous breakdown last four minutes of game. So close to losing that one.  Next game Saturday night.  I don't like night games, after its over, win or lose, I cant sleep for a couple of hours.

In between all of this social life, I did manage to work on the new quilt for a while.  I was playing around with some of the squares before putting them together in the "Lazy Hour Glass" block pattern.  Finally decided on the name of the quilt block.  Still thinking of a name for the quilt pattern.

Lazy Hour Block pattern

Second Option

Third Option

 From one idea, more quilts will come.

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