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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Im Still Alive

Sorry haven't written lately, but there just isn't much happening right now. In fact I feel like I'm in limbo again.

I finished the last quilt for customer and knew there were some machine problems that needed fixing.  GRRRRR  It only took approx 12 days before I actually received a return call from my repair tech.  .

In the meantime, I have been working some of the bugs out of the machine.  I loaded 2 yards of cheap muslin, and batting on my Tin Lizzie and have messing with the tension of machine and bobbin casing for two days..  Another GRRRRRR  Finally have a happy medium between the two, but still not completely satisfied with the stitch.  To the every day quilter the stitching looks good, and unable to detect anything wrong, but as the quilter of these beautiful quilts, I demand perfection.  Even if one little stitch looks off, I know it while I'm stitching and it drives me crazy.  So I put the pressure on my tech, and he finally came to my home to see what I was talking about. 

He took the machine with him, back to his shop, so he could go over it with a fine tooth comb, as I requested.  Low and behold he did find a minor nick in the "hook" of the machine, which can cause imperfect stitches.  I knew there was something wrong, but couldn't find it on my own.  He is going to replace with a new "hook" and return to me today.

Thank goodness, I am lost without my quilter.  I have 3 quilts ready  for quilting, and cant wait to get going again.  Like I said, feel like I'm in limbo without any quilting to do.

While unable to do any quilting, that hasn't stopped me from visiting one of the local quilt shops I like,  Loose Threads, and purchased the backing for the Pansy Quilt, so I'm ready to get this quilted as soon as my machine gets back to me. 

Yesterday, with no sewing to do, went road tripping with Wayne.  Looking for a different vehicle for  me. I have an older Buick with HIGH mileage, and he wanted to find something with less miles.  I agreed as this winter would like to go to Florida and visit our daughter and her husband.  They are moving to Florida this December, if everything works out the way it should.  We want to go and visit with them when the weather here is cold cold cold.  Wayne refuses to fly, so we will have to drive down.  Which I don't mind, I enjoy road trips with him.  Think we found one we both liked and maybe going to make the deal today.  My God, its a mini van.  Never ever thought we would buy a mini van, especially now.  We don't have anyone to haul around, but it was very nice, and most importantly comfortable driving.  This is important to Wayne, as he always drives a truck, and when he drives a car,  he complains constantly not comfortable driving.

Lets hope today is a good day, get a different vehicle, and my machine back.  Not that will be a good day.


SeriousSewing said...

Sorry you're having so much trouble with your machine. I'm sure it will be better soon. Congrats on the new vehicle!

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Thank you, really anxious to get quilting again.