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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pretty Jars

I'm not just a quilter.  I also can vegetables, and its the beginning of canning season.

Pickled Beets, did a few jars this morning.  Fresh beets from our own garden.  In years past I have purchased beets by the bushel.  Problem with that is when you buy them you have to get them canned.  This can take all day.   

Last year I convinced Wayne to grow a garden and of course include my favorite, beets for pickling.  Don't like cooked beets, but absolutely love them pickled.  Now that we have our own garden I can do a few jars at a time, rather than spend an entire day canning.  Took inventory of canned goods cupboard and  I have a few left from last year, which friends will be happy to hear as I will give away a few jars.

Just a few jars this time, but each week will be do more canning.  I got smart this year, saved the brine unused from this batch, refrigerated and ready for the next batch of beets to be picked.  Saves time and money by saving the brine for next canning day.

I have had a most productive day.  I don't spend all my time in sewing room.  I went into panic mode this morning, couldn't find my recipe for canned beets.  So I cleaned my recipe box.  Never did find the recipe.  It was there just 2 weeks ago when I looked but gone for now.  So I did what I always do, go to the Net and found one similar to mine 

Been promising myself for 2 years to clean out the recipe box.  Well its done and then in addition, did the usual house chores, dishes beds etc, cleaned out the canned goods cupboard, canned the beets, watched my 3 year old great grandson for a few hours and cleaned out under the kitchen sink. 

Wow where did I get all this energy. 

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