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Monday, July 26, 2010

2 Days off

Haven't been able to blog or quilt for 2 days.

Wayne has been having some health issues, and Sunday felt so bad we thought we should take him to ER, St Marys Madison.  With his heart problems he has had in the past, we didn't know if it was his heart or what it could be, but we have learned from past experience not to take any chances.  So off the ER we went.

Good news he came home tonight.  Did all the tests they could and importantly stress test came out OK.  So after much discussion with heart doc. we decided to come home and see if symptoms return, in which case will call doc and schedule a heart catheterizing.   He has had this done so many times in the past, he could almost give a class on it.

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to work in my sewing room, but will be keeping a close eye on the old guy.  He tends to forget he was sick and starts to overdue himself on yard work and such.

Doc also wants him to get better control of his diet for his diabetes.  So we have another book of instructions for foods to eat or not toe eat.  Actually the dietitian said he could anything he wants as long as he uses judgement and controls portions.  We always promises ourselves to good after he gets home from hosp. but it never lasts for very long.  Gotta do it this time.

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