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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good Interruptions

I haven't been able to work on the Pansy quilt lately. 

Now that I have finished a customer quilt, I have a quilt to cut for my friend Nettie.  She has carpal tunnel and is unable to cut her quilts, so I do all of them for her.  She purchased a really pretty Sunflower cheater panel quilt and has brought this to me for the cutting.  My plan is to get this cut and to her by end of day, and then continue on the Pansy quilt.

The Pansy quilt is looking awesome, and really looking forward to getting it sewn. 

Still have not heard from my tech to go over problems with my Tin Lizzie, definitely will be calling again today and see if he could possibly fit me into his busy schedule. 

I purchased the Tin Lizzie locally, thinking (stupid me) that I would get good service if needed.  I have received more help from another long arm quilter than I have had from the shop that sold it to me.  This is so frustrating, knowing I have 3 quilts to get done, and unable to get to them until I fix the stitching problems.

I'm venting I know, but right now that's all I can do.  Later today, I am going to put some cheap muslin on the machine and try to work out the bugs myself if I don't hear from the tech.  Sometimes I can work out the bugs, but the biggest problem I have had is the breaking of threads, and I am afraid this is a problem caused by spurs on the machine needle plate.

I have been told this needle hole needs to filed down occasionally.  Problem, I need a 1/16" rat tail file to do this and can not find one in any hardware store.  Called every store known to man, and no one has one that small and cant even order one that size.  So next step, call the "know it alls" that tell me they are available, and have them get me one. This bit of information, again, was given to me by the owner of the shop that sold me the machine. 

Enough venting for one day, time to get to what can be done, and cut some material.

Good quilting day for those that can.

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