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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Talk About Quilting

When I'm not quilting I'm talking about it to anyone who will listen.

It so happens, friends of ours from Ft Wayne IN, did come for visit today.  Note we have not seen these friends since 1989, but recently connected with them via phone calls.

First we went out for lunch and had good lunch at Two Brothers in Edgerton.

He rides a Harley, and she, of all things quilts.  So Wayne and Bill talked about bikes and things and Kelly and I talked quilts.

She has been doing just Tshirt quilts and hasn't really been doing any piece quilting. Has made only a few quilts way in the past.  She has been using her regular sewing machine to do the quilting on the tshirt quilts.

I had the opportunity to show her my long arm Tin Lizzie, and she loved it.  She also has not been using a rotar cutter or rulers.  She had cut out cardboard templates for her tshirt quilts and this has worked for her.  However, after showing her all of my rulers and cutting devices she has decided to invest some money and get her self some tools.  She especially liked the 18in split ruler.

I showed her all of the quilts I had made that I kept for myself.  She liked the idea of scrap quilts, so we headed to my sewing room and I showed her how I made my scrap quilts with square rulers.  Now she is excited about making her own.  She is collecting scraps, like all of us, from the sashing of the tshirt quilts and said she really needs to use some of these scraps up.

We talked for over 4 hours, and didn't even realize the time, until her husband came to the sewing room and said thought it was time to go.

Next time they come back to Wisconsin she said she would spend more time with me and we will go to as many quilt shops that we can fit into a day.

Like I said when I'm not quilting I'm talking about quilting, is that wrong.  Don't think so.  Makes  me a happy quilter.

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