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Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Flu

Who ever heard of getting the flu in summer.  Well I did yesterday, still yucky today.

Honestly felt so bad, thought I had been poisoned, until I called the Doctors office and they informed me they have had reports of flu symptoms.  Totally unable to take in anything, including water.  I could sip a teaspoon of water occasionally and suck on ice chips, but that was the extent of my intake.  Mostly concerned with dehydration, been there and done that before.  But I was able to keep enough in me to prevent that.  Worst day ever since my Chemo treatment.

Today I'm feeling better, keeping down 7up so far.  Hoping to feel better by this afternoon.

Have to be better by tomorrow, Brittany my granddaughter and I are going golfing for the first time this year. Looking forward to it so much.  We aren't true golfers, just people who golf, there is a difference.  Golfers actually get good scores, we have awful scores and awful  swings, but we enjoy every blasted minute of it.  I always say the more swings it takes, the more you get for your money. :)

Its just nice we get to spend quality time with each other.  I used to take her with me when she was just 6 or 7, she liked riding in the cart the most. She is now age 23. Pic of her and her son Tavyn.  Even now, she insist she gets to drive the cart.

There won't be any sewing for next few days, between recovering, which I'm still doing, and golfing, just no time. 

I'm also a little sad today.  Wayne and I have decided to give up motorcycle riding.  He is selling the Harley.  Getting a little old, not as old as some out there riding, but old enough for us.  After last long ride, we agreed it has become a little dangerous for us old guys to be riding.  With his back surgery, has become difficult for him to handle the big bike with both of us riding. So bye bye to riding.  I will miss it, but its time.

Even though the bike is gone, we still have good friends to spend our time with.

Maybe Monday I will get some sewing time in.

Until then, keep on quilting.  

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