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Monday, July 19, 2010

Maybe Today

WHOO HOO I have my Tin Lizzie back.  She arrived Saturday morning, but wouldn't you know, haven't been able to work with her.  Life interrupts, between family gatherings and just friends dropping in, which is fine with me, just cant get to quilting.  Talking to the repair tech, he explained some of the stitching issues I had been having.  I explained to him, I have had these issues since purchasing the machine last year, but nobody would listen to my problems.  I was always told I was having tension problems, and that it was natural, until I became familiar with my machine and tensions, I would have these problems.  I got so sick of hearing tension problems, when I knew there had to be more wrong than my being stupid, which is how I felt when ever I heard this comment.  Repair replaced many moving parts and attachments, and now she runs smooth as silk and sounds even better.  So glad I pushed and pushed for someone to really look her over and find all the bugs she had.

Wayne and I spent the day, yesterday, cleaning the house from top to bottom.  Never know when more friends might pop in, and we are expecting friends from Ft Wayne IN. to stop by today.  They were expecting us to go riding with them, but we had to inform them our bike is at bike shop on consignment for sale.

I have been able to spend a few very early morning hours designing a new baby quilt.  My nephew Johnny has a new little girl "Finley Ann" 8 months old, and she needs a quilt from great auntie Jean.  Again, thanks for all my extra materials.  Will post pics later.

Question for you:  what do you make with your extras?  

Checking my quilt cupboard, I have found (knew they were there somewhere) materials I purchased last year for a couple of "Turning Twenty" quilts.  Not sure who will get them, but will try to get them done by the  Edgerton Quilt Show in October for my show and tell booth.  Already planning on how to set up booth, for display.

Enough blogging for today, if I don't get going, this day will get away from me again, and really want to get working on one of the 3 quilts ready for the quilting.

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