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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Many Trips Around The World

After a buys day of running here and there and everywhere, I finally managed to get in some quilting time.

Finished this morning.

Remember the blocks for Many Trips Around The World? 

Liz finished the top and I finished the quilting:

Liz requested a simple meandering.  I really wish I could have done some really special quilting on this.

She didn't forget the top border, really!  Her daughter suggested it being long enough (89x99) to not put on the extra border. Liz is giving this to her daughter so she finished it to her specifications. I don't think her daughter realized you can always do a pillow tuck.  

Before going to my sewing room, I had a visitor (outside)

I think its eating apples

Can you see it just behind the tree
Off it goes into the woods

This was taken from inside through a window which gave it a funny color. Sent Belle out and silly dog didn't even see it, but the deer saw her.

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Peddlecar Quilts said...

I love the trip around the world quilt! Beautiful. Just one question, how do you piece the blocks together, they look all zig zagged!! Thanks!