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Monday, August 8, 2011

I Hate Weeds

This morning I changed my routine.  Instead of heading to the sewing room I decided I would FINALLY weed my flower garden.

I haven't touched it since middle of July.  It was just toooooo darn hot.

Clematis are looking beautiful, and this is before I weeded.  They are even more beautiful now that I pulled the weeds away from them.

There were so many weeds, it was hard to determine which was a weed and which was a good plant.  I stuck with it and got all those devils out of there.  Now, hopefully, the flowers will start to grow and produce more colorful flowers.    I didn't want to take any pictures as the garden looks pretty sad due to my neglect.

Each spring I look forward to planting and waiting for beautiful flowers.  Wayne and I spent a small fortune this year planting perennials rather than annuals, so we don't have the expense next year.

We wanted the yard to look special for the wedding, and it did.  But since then, kept hoping for the garden fairy to show up and keep it looking beautiful.  Sad to say she never showed up.

I always have good intentions to be diligent each year, and each year other things take place and I wind up with so so looking flowers.

I wish I had the energy my daughter does, her flowers are always gorgeous because she tends them every week.

Sometimes you gotta take a break from sewing and quilting and become a Susie homemaker.  Yesterday I canned Bread and Butter Pickles, today gardening.  Yes I'm going back out there and do some more weeding.  I have a shade garden that needs attention and more weeds to be pulled around the decks and front flowers.  Lets hope I can stick to it and finish today.  If not, tomorrow morning, hit it again.

Where is Ky when I need her?  Since she started sewing she has no interest in helping grandma with the weeding.



Tonya said...

My dad made me spend my entire summers weeding his huge garden. I am not exaggerating...we were expected to go out there daily. Now, of course, I think kids today should do more of that...but still, it stopped me from ever wanting a garden...flower or otherwise.

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Oh Tonya I feel for you. That would be awful. My hubby has a veg garden and I Dont Touch That. He wanted one and its his job to take care of it. I dont even pick the vegetables, again his job. However, the flower garden is my job, he wouldnt know the dif between a flower or a weed unless the flowers were in bloom and even then wouldnt trust him to pull weeds.