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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bragging Rights

Whoo hoo, I have bragging rights for one year.  My Bloomers quilt won the people choice votes.

Totally surprised me.  All the the quilts were so beautiful, never expected mine to win.  My vote was for Margie, and really, really thought she would win.

Now that got me recharged.  So what do I do, go back to Loose Threads today and spend, spend, spend.

I have patterns to put together and ready for print, in addition to the 2 commissioned quilts and must get busy and do a full size quilt of Forever Diamonds. I chose tone on tone fabrics and its going to be awesome, (hopefully).  Also picked up the borders for Stepping Stones I have been working on in between helping Ky.

Oh that reminds me tomorrow is Friday and she will be using my sewing machine, which means I can't.

Received call from Ft Wayne, will be receiving 2 quilts next week to do the long arm stitching.

Aahhh feeling good today.

And the Hibiscus are in bloom, love these

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