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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Saturday is show day

Saturday will be the show day for Bloomers.  Alice and I took ours to Loose Threads today and met up with Margie and Elaine, they were dropping off their quilts.

Each one different than the other and each one beautiful.  At least I think they are, now that they are finished

Here's a reminder of what they look like:




There will be eleven hanging around on Saturday.  If you have the time stop out and see them.

I know you aren't supposed to know who's belong to who, so if you decide to vote on one, please don't vote by the person you know, but chose the one YOU like the best.

Maybe I will see you there.    Saturday is also "quilts in the park" day, in Whitewater park.  For information check with one of the girls at Loose Threads.

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