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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sewing With Kylee Friday AND Saturday

Would you believe, Kylee is not only sewing on Friday with me but now again on Saturday.

The truth is, I told her she could come again today if they had no other plans.  She is going to have to put more hours into sewing than just Friday afternoons, if she expects get her quilt done before the quilt show.

Lucky for me I managed to get a few hours of sewing in this morning before she came and kidnapped my sewing machine.

Sew (pun) while she sewed, I did some quilting on the long arm.

We changed up her pattern a little bit.  Those tiny 1.5 squares were a little too advanced for her.  Instead she is doing alternate black/paisley and red/paisley 9 patch.  She can whip these out like nobody's business and has completed 20 squares already today. 

While I am taking a much needed break, she is still down in the sewing room, sewing her little heart out.  I don't even have to sit with her anymore to observe her sewing.  I have taught her how to cut strips, and iron them and sub cut into the 2.5, 3 patch strips.  Sigh, she doesn't need gma.  Just kidding, we are really enjoying the time together.

She wants to name her quilt, and has suggested several options.  For me I want to call it "Precious Memories".  She isn't too keen on this name, and I'm sure she will come up with something original.

Before I sign off, just want to tell you I am literally laughing out loud.  I can hear her down there sewing away and now she is singing along with the radio.  She is so happy sewing.

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