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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ky's 9 Patch Finished Sewing

As you know yesterday we had a very productive non sewing day.

After all of our Susie homemaker duties were done we played a few board games and she re-taught me how to play chess, which by the way she won.

I haven't played chess since I was in high school, and I wasn't very good then either.

She has the neatest chess set love it:

This morning was a sew morning, and yes she finished her 9 patch quilt top:

Ready to purchase the batting and backing and grandma will get it quilted.  There is a sale on fabrics and batting next weekend at Joann's,  which means wont be doing the quilting until next week.

FYI, Wayne has been extremely busy last week +, he is refinishing an older truck and Britt's boyfriend DJ bought the truck from him.  Today he is painting it, with DJ's help.

Actually not much DJ can do as Wayne has to do the paint, so he is gopher for Wayne.

The old man hasn't painted a vehicle in appx 40 years, and hasn't lost his touch. Its looking really good.

OK so I discovered one thing, once you post pictures to your blog dont delete them in you pc and it also creates a big black pic on the blog.  I deleted pics of chess set, Wayne and DJ working on the truck and all are gone. But I managed to recover Kys quilts

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