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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Take 5 Goes Crazy

2nd of the commissioned quilts finished.

Pattern is Take 5 Goes Crazy by Teachers Pet

Backing is pieced, customer found the Badger print but there wasnt enough for the back, so pieced the red and black in between the Badger print.  I like this pieced backing. 

This pattern is done the same way as Buggy Barns, stack, slice and shuffle.  Used various Bucky Badger print fabrics and a mixture of black prints, this is one beautiful quilt.

The quilt is a present for customer's grandson and a Hugh fan of Wisconsin Football Team. Actually the entire family are fans.

As this is for a young man, no frills and flowers for stitching, so I just did the long wiggle lines as opposed to the usual meandering.

Wiggles lines can be used in so many ways, especially if you want it gender friendly.

Yesterday I dropped off "Six Flags" and the patterns to Loose Threads quilt shop.  She is going to display in her booth at the Quilt Expo next week.  With hopes of selling patterns and gaining interest in workshops for this fall.

I also managed to finish the piece sewing of "Diamonds Forever" my newest pattern.  If all goes well I will quilt it either this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest.

Then bind, get a decent picture and send off to pattern producer to get this pattern into print. Finally.

It seems I have been working on this forever.  But, I had other projects with higher priority, including helping Ky.  At long last I found enough time to work on DF and it looks terrific.

Funny, I have been so busy with many things, and now when I finish a project, I get a little down.  But that wont last long, as I can always find something to work on, including more patterns running around in my head.

Now if I could just get a few more customers to help pay for my addiction.

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