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Monday, August 1, 2011

Kylee's 9 Patch Block

As you know on Friday Kylee came to sew and again Saturday morning.  She is working hard on Christmas presents.

Saturday we had to stop with the Christmas presents due to lack of fabrics.  However this did not put a stop to sewing.  She chose a quilt pattern she wants to work on.

Here is her first 9 patch quilt block. 

I explained to her just once, this is not a scrappy so seams have to be pretty much perfect.  No problem for her.

After completing one block I didn't have to do anymore, she took it from there and has made 4 blocks so far.  We ran out of time as she had to go home with her dad for the remainder of the day.

Really have to get a second machine, so we can sew together.  While she is sewing, I'm twiddling my thumbs just supervising.  I could be sewing on my own quilts while she is making hers, if I had a second machine.

Before she left, told her she had to stay home Sunday as I had to get some of my own work completed.

This morning I quilted the Forever Diamonds wall hanging, all I need to do is the hand sewing of the binding.
Prototype done, now I have to convert the yardage for full size bed quilt and write up the pattern instructions and make a full size bed quilt.  Maybe I will get Kylee to help me with this.

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