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Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh Yes Its Friday

And you know what that means. "Sewing With Kylee"

The good news:  After picking up Kylee at her home, we then picked up  my sewing machine.  Yes, its finished.  So glad he put a rush on getting mine repaired.

It was quite a sewing party going on today.  Had Kylee use my machine and I sewed with my friends.  How nice was that, we both got to sew together today.

But oh my what a mess we have, and tomorrow will be the same.  She is coming over for the day.

I am really looking forward to see how much she gets accomplished and how much I can complete.

This morning I managed to quilt another Tshirt quilt for Kelli in Ft Wayne.  Now both of hers are finished and I can mail out tomorrow.

HD Tshirt quilt

Ky's sewing station

My sewing station

more tops to be quilted
I didn't take a full picture of the tshirt quilt, as it looks so similar to one I had posted on previously.  Needless to say it is bright/bold and Kelli did a great job.  I really like the flame material she puts with these quilts.  Sorry the backing looks orange, but in real life it is a beautiful Red.

Now for a much needed feet up rest.  Packer pre season game will be starting at 7pm and I'm ready for a little r&r.

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