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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday Sewing With Kylee

Wasn't sure if it could be done - 56 blocks in one day.

Saturday - I  cut all the pieces for Kylee.

Sunday - breakfast out and then we hit the sewing room.

The task for Kylee- sew as many blocks for the new quilt as possible.  Can she do it - is she up to this huge task.

Set her down and showed her the pattern and steps to complete these blocks.

Chain piecing:

Ky's Rainbow Hair

Making some progress:

And finally - 53 Blocks completed (yes not 56 gma has to cut some more pieces, I miss counted while cutting

Next step get Ky for another full day to finish the 3 blocks , sew the blocks together into the top add borders.  & blocks across and 8 down - should make for a nice size quilt.  Each block is 10.5".

She did an awesome job on her 1/4 seams this time.  This quilt is darn near perfect - so far.

We had a good day together.  Haven't spent an entire day sewing a very long time.

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