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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shut Off The TV Kids

Grandma Jean went shopping for all the grand kids yesterday and didn't buy one video game.  OMG.

Have you noticed our younger children are getting as obsessed with TV games as the older ones.  I really fear they will lose the ability to use their imagination.

This year I have decided not to play into this TV frenzy.  Bought games that they will have to play together at a kitchen table, and enjoy the company of each other and their parents.

Kylee my 10 year old granddaughter loves to play games, and I decided it was time for my other grand kids to have fun playing together through games.  Hopefully, they will learn you don't have to be in front of a TV to have a good time.

Ky and I have spent, literally, hours playing games at my dining room table.  We have such a good time, we talk and laugh and really enjoy being with each other.

So kids Merry Christmas, have a good time playing with your new games that don't bleep, bing, bang or whistle. .

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