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Thursday, November 4, 2010

We're At It Again

Back to the remodeling. I have requested adding shower to our tub, so now the remodeling begins. Wayne is doing the demolish before the rebuild.

Been to Menards 3 times this week. First we were going to just do a simple change faucet to one that converts to shower with hand held shower head and hose. Got the faucet, shower head, curtain rod and curtain.

Next day, nope not gonna work, too much wall board and wood to do it that way, need a round curtain rod to surround the tub area so the rest of walls don't get wet. Back to Menards to return rod and pick up the round one.

Next day, nope, decided if going to do it lets do it right. Back to Menards return round rod, purchased tub surround. Now we can proceed with the hand held shower head, with hose that screws into new faucet. Now we are ready.

Nope, now instead of the hand held shower head, going to build up the wall, called plumber and going to put in the piping to do a REAL shower head coming out of the new wall that Wayne is building.

Maybe by next week will get my shower that have wanted for 9 years.

Keep your fingers crossed. I am going to sewing room.
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