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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bathroom Progress

So this is how far Wayne is on getting the bathroom done.

This is the studding for the wall, where pipe runs up for shower.

This is what happens when you drop a hammer on a tub.

This is the piping for the shower.

Wayne is going to build shelves in this wall, and then Enclose the wall/piping and put in the tub surround, but where is he now?  HMMMMMMM, nice day today, took me to lunch, and he is next door talking to neighbor.  Get your butt in here and get busy dang it.  Already sick of the mess.  My patience is running thin.  But keeping my mouth shut. If I try pushing him, would not be worth it, he works at his own pace.  It will get done, and soon, I HOPE.

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