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Thursday, November 18, 2010


There is progress in bathroom.  The repair man came yesterday and fixed the big hammer boo boo. Did a great job cant even see where it was broken.  Caulking around tub should be dry enough tomorrow for  SHOWER in the morning. WHOO HOO.

Another trip to Menards today picked up new sink/cabinet and cabinet for over toilet.  Wayne is in there painting as we speak.  Still much to do, but the shower is going to be usable by tomorrow or next day at the latest.

boo boo gone

ugly pink going bye bye and soon the ugly wall board will be gone as well

this is going to be replaced

Enough of the bathroom progress.

Last night went to meeting of Barn Chicks, lots of show and tell.  Dee Dee and I showed our "Trees Up" and Margie showed her Christmas Package quilts.  Many others were shown, but the funniest of all,  one gal (name unknown to me right now) brought a zipper bag of ashes.  She had 12 squares finished from one of the Buggy Barn patterns, she disliked it so much, she burned it in her fireplace.  She said no matter what she did to try to make it look better, it just got worse.  Her sister even said "she did the right thing".  It must have  been really awful.  I know the feeling.  That's how I felt about my first attempt at Trees Up.  Use wrong colors and you can create something really ugly.

Mary Kay came up with a challenge:  Try to design your own pattern using the stack and shuffle method that is used on the Buggy Barn patterns, with the possibility of publishing a book from our patterns.  I thought about it most of the night. (thanks Mary Kay) Actually thought of several possible patterns.  This morning I got up and proceeded to draw up a pattern.  Picked up the material on way home from Doc appointment.  Tomorrow I will put it together to see if I came up with a winner or another ugly one.

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