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Monday, November 8, 2010

Margie's Xmas Package Quilt

Another Pieces From My Heart pattern:

 Small 48x51 but very pretty.  I copied pattern so I can make one some day,

This is the pattern she chose for our next meeting with the Barn Chicks @ Loose Threads this coming week, 17th.  I did the Trees UP quilt for this upcoming meeting.

Update on shower remodeling.  Plumber came today to add the piping needed for shower, and had to replace all of the tub pipes, so $500 plus later and he has gone for the day.  Has to return after Wayne gets the surround in.  We can use the tub but not shower just yet.

Wayne made a boo boo, while building the wall for shower pipe, he dropped the hammer and put 2 big chips in the tub.  So this will only cost $200.00 to repair, man coming next Wed. to patch the chips.  Who knew simple request to add a shower to the existing tub would cost so much.  It better be worth it.  Had we gone with the original plan of changing faucet and adding hand held shower head, with surround curtain would have cost us only about $100.00.  But like he said, might as well do it right. UUUUGGGGGHHHHH

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