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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bowling In Rio

What a good day today.

Went to Rio to visit with the grand kids and Ken and Deena.  Brooklynn and Emma were bowling, so we went there to watch, toooooo funny.  Didnt get any good pics of the bowling, but had a good time watching.

Gutter balls the name of the game, but they do try hard, and there is coach there giving them advise and showing them every step of the way.  If they keep up with it, they, of course, will get better.

Naturally had to hold my little Lexi as much as I could.  She is really gaining weight.  Such a good little girl.

After the bowling we all went for lunch at our old bar ( Packer Inn) now BBJacks.  They completely remodeled and opened up back room to make a kitchen,  It is more of an eat place than bar, which is good.  It looks great and food is just as good.  Next time will take pics.  Batteries went dead while at bowling alley so no more pics for the day.

Before leaving for the day, called my addicted quilt client.  Hadn't heard from her in a week and thought something was wrong.  She is way behind in quilting. HAHAHA.  She hasn't been quilting, busy doing other less important things, (big laugh)  She guaranteed me she will get back at it this week.  Whew, thought something was wrong when I hadn't heard from her.  Now how many quilters will call customers to See if they are OK, just because they hadn't heard from them in a week.  If you knew how much time she spends quilting you would be concerned too.

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