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Friday, November 5, 2010

Visit w/Doc

I have been having real pain in my heel of foot and right thumb.  The foot is so bad I can hardly walk sometimes.  I have an appointment set for 18th with my regular doc, 6mo check up.  But, no, Wayne insisted I see someone today.  Couldn't see my reg doc, she was booked up, so saw another doc.

Xrays of feet and hand results:  Plantar Faciitist in feet. Need to get arch supports and don't do my long arm quilting for hours barefoot (which is how I like to quilt),  Nuts, I hate wearing shoes in the house, but I guess I did this to myself for all the long hours I spent quilting barefoot.   I just hope the arch supports help.

Now for the thumb, explained to doc how bad it hurts, cant hold anything tight, or even just moving it sometimes it hurts.  Xray, nothing showing.  Doc said  he doesn't know why it hurts.  Maybe, carpal tunnel, maybe not.  Now isn't that a good answer.  So just hope it heals itself, because that's the only way its going to get better.

Neither one of these ailments is going to keep me from my quilting though.  Push through the pain.  I'll get through it.

Update on shower addition.  All set for plumber coming on Monday, so maybe by Monday night or Tuesday morning, will have the shower ready to be used.

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