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Monday, November 29, 2010

Xmas shopping

No not on black Friday, not for me.  Made a mistake and went to Joann's for batting that day, it took me 45min in line just to get the batting cut, and another 15 to check out.  BIG mistake, but I was in Janesville anyway at drugstore so what the heck just stop in and pick up the batting needed. (I thought it was a good idea)

While in line, talking to a few other customers, asked if there was something special going on that I wasn't aware of.  The answer was no.  Then why the heck was there so many people, including me, standing in a long line to cut yardage.  Haven't a clue. Women had as many as 10 bolts in their baskets, did they think the material would be gone from the store by Saturday.  Must have.  One woman told me she had been there in the morning and the wait was 3 hrs. And She Came Back For The Afternoon Line. (maybe there was a movie playing in back room and nobody told me or a concert hmmm, they must know something I don't)

Now when you go to this store, you must get a ticket, like we used to in meat markets.  They call your number when its your turn.  I knew it was a mistake in staying when there were 20 people in front of my number, but like I said I was in Janesville anyway, and didn't want to make a second trip.  So like all the other dumb lambs being led to slaughter I stuck it out.  You should have seen the excitement on all our faces when 3 or more numbers were called and nobody appeared.  Those chicken ladies left before their number was called.  Anyway, our faces lite up like we just won something wonderful.

One good thing about standing in line, you do start talking to other women, and the conversation always leads to quilting with at least one or more woman.  I handed out my business card to two women.

This morning I used the batting  on a scrappy quilt for one of my friends, Kelly, lives in Ft Wayne and was home for Thanksgiving, but didn't stay more than 2 days so will have to ship it off to her.

Landscape stitch


Pamela said...

Very Beautiful

Pamela said...

This is a beautiful quilt jeannie.

Mamasakio said...

WOW love it, Jeannie!

Quilting By Jeannie said...

Thank you all, just a simple scrappy, but once it was quilted really made it "pop" as they say