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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Getting Into A Routine

Now that visitation and memorial service is over I'm doing my best to get myself back into a daily routine.

Starting with quilting for customers and watching Gus again.

Being with Gus today was so helpful  and healing to me.  Enjoyed being with the little guy, although a little sad too.  At one point in the day I was smiling and laughing at him and suddenly started to cry just a little, thinking of how much Wayne loved this little boy.

Even though Gus will not remember being with Grandpa, we will tell him all about grandpa and how much he loved him.

That is what is so sad to me right now, knowing Wayne wont be here to see our grandchildren grow.  Although I do believe he is watching all of us and smiling.

Took many pictures of Gus today and a video. He is such a little ham and always know when the camera is on him.

Here he is eating a egg salad sandwich.

Now for quilting:
Loaded this quilt the other night and quilted most of yesterday morning.  Finally finished it this afternoon, during Gus nap time (notice I didn't say he was napping, because he wasn't, he cried off and on during nap time) but I continued quilting until I couldn't take it anymore - finished after he left for the night.

Quilted using a Panto - Polka Dot Stars by Patricia Ritter - Urban Elementz.

One of my other quilters brought me another quilt top to be quilted and cant wait to get that one loaded and start in - hopefully tomorrow morning before Gus arrives.

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Sooli said...

Gus looks like he was enjoying his egg salad sandwich too! Only way to go is forward, one step at a time. Glad you have Gus to bring a smile to your face.