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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just A Few Rules

One of the rules of quilting.  Measure twice cut once.

Well there is another unspoken rule:  Don't flip the fabric.

My own pattern, mind you and I tell myself each time a cut, don't flip the fabric.

Oops - I did it.  Discovered my mistake half way through cutting one of my strips.

The half squares on the left are wrong only because while cutting the sewn strips I flipped the fabrics, which resulted in the fabrics are now in the wrong place to be attached to the other half square triangle - the ones on the right are correct.

Lucky for me there is enough fabric to correct this mistake.  And lucky I only did it once during the cutting and construction of this quilt.

Five of seven rows completed.

If I stick with it (without making anymore mistakes)  I should have this ready to be quilted by tomorrow sometime.

The ones that are now a mistake, go to my stash to be used in something in the future.

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