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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Back On Schedule!!!!

After all of the running around and taking care of things as needed, finally, finally I can get back to my routine.

Yesterday I managed to quilt the Huge Dresden Plate - Christmas table topper

Back of topper

This morning quilted a customer quilt, still need to put on the machine binding for her.  She will do the hand sewing.

Really pretty colors in this one.  Large simple meandering as requested by customer.

Today is our CT Sunday Sew In and I plan on getting much done.

Later I will be loading another quilt top for Sarah's mom.  The 2nd of the 5 quilts she has commissioned.

Picking up Ky so she can work on her Christmas presents.  Its going to be a fun filled day - so glad Packers don't play until tonight.  I just might still be sewing while they are playing.

The Challenge Wedding Ring is on its way home.  Has been picked up and will be delivered instead of shipped.

From what my friend Kelli, tells me she has seen the pictures on the Internet and likes what she saw.  Hope so, I did my best.

Snowing always puts me in a sewing mood and its really sewing big fluffy flakes now.

Its either sew or bake and seeing as how Wayne and I are on working on restricting our calorie sugar intake, I better stick to the sewing.

But mmm  a fresh baked cookie sounds so good right now.

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Kay Lynne said...

Love your table topper!