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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Where Do I Begin

This has been a crazy and stressful week.  But thankfully its gotten better.

Starting with Sunday, took Wayne to ER - he had another heart attack and wound up in St Mary's Hosp Madison.

He had another stint put in and he is doing well.  Got him home yesterday.

I thought I would SCREAM by the end of the day.  I went to pick him up around 10:am - his doc had released him for that day and by the time all of the "staff" did their discharge procedures it was almost 1:30 before we escaped the hospital.  Why do hospitals do that.  Tell you can go home and spend hours just getting you out of there.  First doc has to write the orders, then a staff member has to come in and give you the facts of life re: his heart - dadadadada how to eat, take care of yourself etc etc etc blah blah blah.  Then another one comes in (not right away either) time goes by and in she pops - now lets talk about your diabetes and blah blah blah how to take care of yourself and what to eat and not eat.  And by the way you can only have salad because its probably the only food that wont kill you, and for heavens sake don't put on any good dressing. blah blah blah.

Oh and you cant go until another Doctor comes in to go over all of this again. Where the heck is this doctor?  Hours go by - finally I lied and told the nurse that I have got to be in Janesville by 3 to pick up my granddaughter from school.  So this puts a little hustle in their bustle for about 2 seconds.

Now its the nurse and nurse in training time to come and read off to you all of your instructions which were just given to you by the Doctor, the heart staff member, the diabetes staff member, oh and I forgot the dietitian.  This take oh so long, because they have to leave the room and come back after they check to make sure they have all of the orders in their computer.

Now they are back and will go over this again just to be clear.  Yeah right we forgot what you said while you were gone for the past hour.   Lets go over the medicines, the ones you take the ones you used to take and the ones you will be taking.  I'm stopping my foot and shaking my  head. Unbelievable, Wayne is looking like he is going to strangle the older nurse as she keeps interrupting the trainee. Which of course, takes more time.

They have to go and print off all the instructions, and they went to the local print shop to do this because it takes another 45min to come back.  At last we can go.  No - sign these papers as they have been read to you.  Now we can go.  No - they need to make YOU a copy of what was read to you and you signed before you can leave.   Where the heck did she go to copy these - actually went looking for her and found her as we are headed for the elevator.  Dang we almost made it but no, she gives us the papers and wishes us a good day.

Are you kidding me what day - its gone.

Finally get home and my day is not over yet - 3:00pm - I still have to go to the pharmacy to pick up the New prescriptions.

"Oh these are new" - drugstore is backed up and it will be a 30 min wait.  Didn't realize how many people come to the drugstore to get their Flu Vaccine.  Don't you people know a doctor can do this for you right in their office???Yeah Right and hour and half later I'm finally driving home.  Left home in daylight and drove home at dusk with only my sunglasses with me.  I'm required to wear glasses when driving and left my regular glasses at home as I would be home in plenty of time. What Was I Thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Between all of Sunday afternoon and bringing Wayne home yesterday I did manage to finish and bind the Rail Fence Quilt.

Had the pleasure of seeing my great grandson in his first school Christmas program.

It was the highlight of my week.

He is so darn cute.  All of the kids did a wonderful job.  I love watching little kids perform.  So glad I went - it relived some of the stress from this past week.

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Kay Lynne said...

You sound busy! Glad Wayne is back home and doing better. Love the pictures of the kids! Your rail fence quilt looks really nice--glad you had the chance to do some quilting. The paperwork and waiting at hospitals sure can stretch your patience!