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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Already!!!!

It has been a year with its ups and downs, but mostly ups.

Last night spent went to dinner with a few of my favorite people.  Toby, Sarah, Kylee and Gus.

Don't laugh we met at 5:00 had a great meal, a little visiting and home by 6:30.  That's how the old folks roll.  Gus slept through it all so I didn't even get to chomp on  his little cheeks.

I was told this is Gus's poop face - he does this when he is making the poo poo

Daddy Toby

Kylee and baby Gus

Gus and his pretty Momma Sarah

2012 was filled with family and friends as it should be.

Quilting (of course), designing new patterns.  Which have done well on Craftsy.  Sold more than I had anticipated would ever sell.  Thanks to all.

Working in our beautiful yard all spring/summer/fall.  It was never ending, but enjoyed most of it.  I say most of it because there were times when I used some really bad words on some really stubborn weeds.

Just a few of the hundreds of pictures I took this year of our yard.  No I wont bore you with all of them all over again.

Family reunion with just a few of my relatives - wishing someday we will all be together (not in heaven) but here on earth in one place.  It so hard to put together a family reunion, people go here and there and everywhere and cant pin them all down.  But do enjoy seeing the ones I can.

For a better part of the year I was doing as much savings of the $$$ as possible to take my trip to Houston, which was One, not The only one of my highlights of the year but a very big highlight.

It was many firsst for me - my first plane trip, my first trip to Houston, my first time meeting my wonderful internet CT friends and many firsts in Houston. Too many to name.

Home from Houston and before I new it, the time had come to meet our newest grandson. Gus

Then its the holidays where I get to spend my time with all of my family between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

End of 2012 and my mini photo album.  But not the end of all the memories of good year.  One downside, Wayne did manage to have yet another heart attack this year.  He did come out of it OK, whew, again.  

And no I don't have any pictures of his heart - and you can say thank you now.


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Kay Lynne said...

Thank you for sharing all the neat pictures :) I have Windows 7 now and I am finding that I can post comments again! It must be a Windows XP issue with blogger.