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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tis The Day Before Christmas

At least OUR family Christmas.

Everyone will be here for dinner and presents for the kids.  We stopped exchanging for adults years ago.

Even at that it took me until today to get all of the presents finished.

The bears, towel, scarves are done and finally the Candle Mat-or Wall Hanging Poinsettia

I really was not happy with this until I finished it this morning.  Added the gold veins and replacing center with filled in gold thread makes it look better than what was in the center.

Also managed to get all 4 quilts done for customer.  They are practically identical, so rather than take pictures of each individual I did a group photo.

Almost 11 am and I'm still in Jammie's - time to start the cleaning and cooking for tomorrow.  But first I better shower.

The customers are coming sometime today to pick up all their quilts and I don't think I should greet them they way I look right now.

Oh and I still have to put the bears and towels in their Christmas bags.

Thank the person who invented Bags for presents.  How else would you wrap a bear??

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