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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Threadz Panto

Thought you might like to know what I'm talking about (for those that don't know) when I talk about pantos and quilting designs using pantos.

A Panto is a quilt design printed on a long paper that I put on my longarm table.  Normally my machine handles are on the front for my free motion, stencil quilting.  When using a panto, I move the handles to the back of the machine and follow the design with a laser light.

The only downside of quilting like this, I cant see the front of the quilt while quilting.  So while quilting from the back I frequently stop and see what has been stitched on the quilt.  One of my biggest wishes, someone would come up with a beeper for my tin lizzie to tell me when the bobbin is running low.  I cant see when the thread runs out and will often stitch quite a distance before I realize there is no bobbin thread.  After a period of time I have gotten to listen to the machine and when it sounds slightly different, I realize the bobbin is empty.  Unfortunately, I have stitched quite a ways before I realize the sound difference.

For this quilt I used the panto called Thriedz, designed by Patricia Ritter

This is another quilt going to CO - 2 of 5 finished

I have many pantos to chose from, looked at everyone and decided "Threadz" was the best choice for this quilt.  Funny...... I chose the same panto for the other quilt I made for CO.  Without realizing it when I started, but while I'm quilting along, it came to me it was the same panto.

Do you remember this one?

With the sharp lines and modern looking fabrics, I thought "Threadz" would be the perfect panto.

Now that the quilting is done for the day I'm baking the cookies I was going to bake the other day.

Also have to make the bed.   Yes it is still unmade at 3pm.

Up at 5:30 and proceeded to quilt.  Started it yesterday, but my back was giving me problems and could only do a row or 2 and then would have to sit and rest.  Finally gave up on it yesterday.  This morning I took a high powered pain pill just to get it done.   My mistake, the pill should be taken with food and I didn't.  By the time I was finished quilting, I was sick to my stomach and quite dizzy.

Wayne got up with me at 5:30 and he went back to bed around 8 for a nap, he got up and I crawled back in  for a nap, waiting for the pain pill to subside.

Finally around noon I got back up, .......... Wayne went back in for another nap.

We are both up and showered for the day so I think its safe to make the bed now.

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